Paramount Recovery Systems employs the latest technology and software to provide our clients with reliable services. We understand that no two companies’ needs are the same, so we do not treat your data that way. From customized processes that allow you to do easily send us your data, to proprietary in-house processes that integrate your data into our collection module, our dedicated in-house staff sees to every detail when handling your accounts. Our collection module is utilized in concert with an ever-expanding array of tools to import, standardize, validate, and augment your data to maximize recovery and streamline efficiency.

More on Data Security

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The following technological tools and resources are applied in our collection process:

- Effortless file transmission

- Proprietary in-house processes

- Predictive dialing

- Online consumer payment portal

- External/Internal Scoring Methodology

- Data archiving/back-up

- Call monitoring

- Payment processing

- Payment Plan monitoring

- Voice/call recording

- Portfolio Batch Tracking

- Online access to consumer account summary

- Document upload to accounts

- Account and data archiving

- Credit reporting

- Consumer matching/tying functionality